Tuscanny Tango Holiday

Ezequiel & Lydia | Willem & Ximena | Tangata 
30 July - 20 August 2022 | Querceto, Italy


Trio Tangata (NL)

Trio Tangata, is one of the most visible tango ensembles in the Netherlands. The orchestra consists of dedicated and experienced professionals with a passion for tango music. For both dancers and music lovers Tangata plays music that touches the soul. The orchestra presented its fourth CD  "Alive” with classic and new  tangos stand side-by-side with new compositions from the pianist Margreet Markerink. Also in the new compositions tango soul is preserved. The versatility of the music makes an inspiring evening for both dancers and music lovers.

Tangata has played all over Europe, Istanbul, Finland, France (Normandy, Paris etc), Germany, Belgium, Italy , Portugal , Spain, Argentina and Minnesota (USA). Trio Tangata is  happy to come  once again to the wonderful Querceto in Tuscany and join the dansers with very danceble tango music. 


Margreet Markerink (piano),                    

Jacqueline Edeling (bandoneon)                            

Boris Franz ( double bass)                  

Compositions from:

Osvaldo Pugliese, Anibal Troilo, Astor Piazzolla, Juan Carlos Cobian, Julian Plaza, Manuel Jovés, Virigilio Expósito, Margreet Markerink, among others.

Trio Tangata live

Ezequiel & Lydia dance with Trio Tangata live in Amsterdam